English only – for a whole week

From May 14th to May 18th the LiLac DAYS took place at our school.

LiLac (Living Language Company) is a project that offers language courses with native speakers and students had the pleasure of participating for 3 (5ABC) or 5 days (5M). Steven, Andrew, Adam, Holly, Charles (all USA) and Liam (AUS) were the teachers for our 5th forms and made the project an unforgettable and unique experience.


Students’ feedback – 5abc

  • After the LiLac Days I feel a lot more comfortable when talking in English and that feels so good.
  • I think it was amazing because you had fun AND learned something new, too.
  • All in all, it was great fun and very informative. I hope that we can join the LiLac Days once more next year!
  • The fact that we were divided in skill based groups and that we only talked English, really helped me improve my knowledge better than in the last two months in school.
  • A very splendid course! All teachers were amazing and equally helpful.
  • The best part were the teachers. They had such memorable personalities, which made the lessons truly fun.


Students’ feedback – 5m

  • It was a great experience because you got to know yourself a little bit better.
  • We practiced and improved a lot in acting as well as in speaking English.
  • I really liked it and for the first time I couldn’t wait to go to school the next day.
  • During the week we developed an amazing team spirit and the atmosphere in the classroom was really great and enjoyable.
  • It was wonderful to finally talk to someone who speaks English as a first language.
  • For me, the best thing was to finally do some fantastic acting practice again. Additionally, the class grew together – it was a lovely week.
  • I would have wanted one more week with them. They were fantastic.


Fotos und Bericht: Juliane Walther