Bits and pieces from our language trip to Worthing

16.10. – 23.10. 2018 / 4M, Anita Döllerer, Clemens Kastenhofer

  • “I think the most striking difference between England and Austria is the fact that the cars drive on the “wrong side” of the road. It took me a long time to get used to this. Every time we crossed a street, my friends reminded me: ‘You have to look to the right!’”
  • “The beach in Worthing was very long and the water was warm, too!”
  • “The city of Brighton was full of colourful paintings and loud street musicians!”
  • “Brighton Pier was huge and it had a whole theme park on it, which was awesome.”
  • “London was just amazing! Seeing all the big and beautiful buildings like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey was incredible.”
  • “London Dungeon was like fun-learning with scary bits that didn’t scare you to death.”
  • “I loved all the places we went to! All of them looked so nice and special on their own.”
  • “The nicest thing about Worthing was my host family; they were helpful, friendly and talkative. I learned a lot from them.”
  • ”I think the musical “School of Rock” was my highlight of the week. The actors and actresses were great, and I liked the music a lot!”
  • “I liked Chichester because of the big Roman wall and the beautiful park behind it. There was also a very old cathedral.”
  • “The English lessons with Peter were interesting and a lot of fun!”
  • “I’m really going to miss waking up to the screaming of the seagulls!”
  • “I just can’t stop thinking about all the fancy streets I walked through.”
  • “I’d like to thank my teachers for the great week and hope we’ll do this again one day.”